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BioClenz™ Chlorine Dioxide Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner - 32oz Set

BioClenz™ Chlorine Dioxide Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner - 32oz Set
32 oz Set

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BioClenz™ Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner with DioxiCare® - The ACTIVE Chlorine Dioxide System – Safely Cleans Dental Waterlines in a Minutes

BioClenz™ liquid is a Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner (DUWC) based upon DioxiCare® - The ACTIVE Chlorine Dioxide System. Our DUWC system generates active chlorine dioxide immediately upon mixing Part A and Part B which creates a strong oxidizer and cleaner. BioClenz™ attacks the biofilms which serve as a haven for pathogens and cause harm to patients and staff as they build up in the dental waterlines.

Dentists Prefer BioClenz™ Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner

  • BioClenz™ is clinically tested and currently used at universities, dental offices and by the armed services.
  • It is non-corrosive, economical, plus easy and safe to use on dental equipment.
  • The BioClenz™ dental unit cleaner helps the practice meet the ADA water quality guidelines.
  • BioClenz™ creates a safer working and clinical environment for patients and staff.
  • Only one flush a week is needed to keep lines clean... taking a matter of minutes not requiring typical overnight treatment.
  • Provided in sets of two 16 oz. bottles, a 15 week supply per operatory. It is compact and easy to store.
  • Convenient measuring chambers are incorporated in the bottles.
  • Maintaining a clean dental unit waterline system is accomplished in two easy steps:
    • a weekly flush, and
    • a daily low concentration continuous feed to maintain clean water lines
  • BioClenz™ is the only DUWC that uses Active Chlorine Dioxide.
  • Complete instructions are provided with product.
  • Evaluation of BioClenze™ Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner PDF.
  • Controlling Dental Unit Waterline Contamination PDF.

BioClenz™ Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner Background Information

Bacterial biofilm in dental unit waterlines (DUWs) is a widespread problem, and poses a potentially significant risk of infection to dental staff and patients, particularly those who are medically compromised or immunocompromised. BioClenz™ dental unit waterline cleaner has been proven effective in reducing bacterial loads to ≤200cfu/mL as recommended by the American Dental Association. Further efficacy studies shows that BioClenz™ was safe for use on dental equipment and was not corrosive to metals. Professional and ethical considerations indicate that steps should be taken to improve the quality of DUW.

We encourage dental professionals considering the use of dental unit waterline cleaner to read industry and government data that supports this activity. Dental unit waterline cleaner requirements can be researched by using the links in the chart shown below.

NOTICE: Numerous other dental unit waterline cleaner products are based upon silver dihydrogen citrate, chlorhexidine gluconate, sodium percobonate, silver nitrate, citric acid and stabilized chlorine dioxide ingredients. Some industry studies have demonstrated that while many disinfectants achieve a sufficient reduction in total variable counts (TVC) of biofilm, they may not necessarily remove unwanted biofilm from the inner surface of dental unit waterline tubing. BioClenz™ dental unit waterline cleaner uses active chlorine dioxide to fight the build-up of biofilms.

For government and educational institutions please contact:
Don Holton
(952) 884-2547

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