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WhiteLasting™ Chlorine Dioxide Teeth Whitening
Maintenance Gel™

WhiteLasting™ Chlorine Dioxide Teeth Whitening<br />Maintenance Gel™
40 ml Dual Pump

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WhiteLasting Teeth Whitening Maintenance Gel with DioxiCare -
The ACTIVE Chlorine Dioxide System is a Daily Teeth Whitener
and Re-Mineralizer

WhiteLasting Tooth Whitening Maintenance Gel utilizes the DioxiCare Active Chlorine Dioxide System together with natural tooth building ingredients to preserve the white after your teeth have been whitened. At the same time, WhiteLasting will re-mineralize (harden) the etched or injured enamel, restoring the natural luster of your teeth so that you look and feel your best.

Most tooth whitening products utilize hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide which reduce the hardness of the enamel as well as what is called the elastic modulus or stiffness of the tooth surface in order to accomplish the whitening. Research has shown that teeth typically can restore their previous hardness after losing small amounts of enamel calcification; however, the WhiteLasting Tooth Whitening Maintenance Gel will speed up the process thereby improving teeth as well as general oral health.

After either professional or at home tooth bleaching, the maintenance gel is applied twice a day at home like toothpaste. Because of the WhiteLasting Teeth Whitening Maintenance Gel's clean brisk flavor, the gel is often used instead of toothpaste. Chlorine dioxide, like peroxide, is an oxidizer and WhiteLasting continues to whiten teeth, but without any attack on teeth enamel and sensitive gum tissue.

WhiteLasting Teeth Whitening Maintenance Gel also Removes Mouth
Odor and Bacteria.

Our chlorine dioxide teeth whitening gel will remove mouth odors, and bacteria, especially in the gums between the teeth--providing an aid in gingivitis by oxidation. There is no tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Further, odors produced by volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) and also non-sulfur compounds such as smoking odors, are neutralized and removed. Only an oxidizing agent like chlorine dioxide can accomplish both.

The safety of tooth bleaching, which is based upon hydrogen peroxide (HP) as the active agent, has been questioned by some researchers. HP above 0.01% is banned in Europe, due to its harmful effects. Scanning electron microscopy images shown below reflects that hydrogen peroxide, even at low percentages, produces surface alterations in the tooth enamel and a decrease of surface hardness. WhiteLasting Tooth Whitening Maintenance Gel is ideally suited to rebuild the enamel.

WhiteLasting Tooth Whitening Maintenance Gel Provides Daily Tooth
Whitener with Re-Mineralizing Ingredients.

WhiteLasting Maintenance Gel

Ingredients incorporated in the gel include calcium hydroxyapatite (an essential natural ingredient of normal bone and teeth) compound made soluble in the Gel mixture. Hydroxyapatite makes up bone mineral and the matrix of teeth. It is hydroxyapatite that gives bones and teeth their rigidity. Fluoride is also added to speed the calcium/phosphate deposit crystallization. A paper given at a recent Dental Research Symposium described the increase in hardness due to WhiteLasting, as well as showed EM photos of crystals deposited on the teeth.

WhiteLasting Teeth Whitening Maintenance Gel is dispensed from a novel dual container. The two parts of the gel system are dispensed onto the toothbrush by pressing a single button, and is automatically mixed when brushing the teeth.

When the two parts are mixed, the ph changes allowing the re-mineralizing ingredients to crystallize and deposit on the teeth. This process of super saturation is unique to the DioxiCare System.

The current hydrogen peroxide maintenance products, even with low concentration, increase enamel damage and tooth etching. WhiteLasting Teeth Whitening Maintenance Gel stops the after-cleaning etching effects of using hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide products used by dentists and in over the counter teeth whitening products.

Teeth Whitening Gel - Daily Teeth Whitener - Authenticity Statement:

WhiteLasting Chlorine Dioxide Tooth Whitening Maintenance Gel has been created for individuals who are experiencing problems with ongoing discoloration of their teeth. Our research has been and continues to be focused on optimizing the availability of chlorine dioxide in specialized formulas for specific tooth whitening using WhiteLasting Chlorine Dioxide Tooth Whitening Gel. Our tooth whitening treatment evolved from years of scientific research. The methodology used in the creation of WhiteLasting tooth whitener maintenance treatment has been documented with support information being available in our "Studies" PDFs.

If you have any questions regarding how to compare tooth whitening gel and daily tooth whitener effectiveness from different manufacturers, we encourage you to call our Customer Service Staff to discuss why Frontier Pharmaceutical WhiteLasting teeth whitening system is the first choice by many dentists, periodontists and oral surgeons.

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